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Article appeared in issue 4, 2020

New Moves


Jameson Cold Brew.jpg

What do you get when you combine the world’s favourite Irish whiskey with coffee? Jameson Cold Brew. Produced in Ireland by Irish Distillers, this new launch marries triple distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey with cold brew coffee made from Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia. The result, we're told, has intense coffee aromatics followed by charred wood from the pot still whiskey. Expect notes of toasted oak and dark chocolate, too.

Irish Distillers believes it will build on the renaissance Irish whiskey is enjoying while tapping into the craft coffee culture. Dave Quinn, head of Whiskey Science at Irish Distillers explains: “While coffee and Irish whiskey are no strangers in the glass, we wanted to modernise this iconic duo in a refreshing way which will appeal to curious whiskey drinkers and coffee aficionados looking for new flavours and experiences.

“We tested the concept with Irish and Australian consumers in summer 2018 and released the expression as a limited edition in the US in January this year. Following rave reviews, we’re delighted to welcome Jameson Cold Brew as a permanent member of the Jameson family. There’s no better country and no better Jameson fans to make it official with!” Jameson Cold Brew is currently available in Canada, the US, Australia, and Ireland. Espresso Martini, anyone?

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