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Article appeared in issue 3, 2020

A cool cuppa

Our morning cuppa has had a refresh, just in time for summer

Irish company SUKI Tea Makers looks set to tap into the growing health and wellness trend with the launch of its Sparkling Tea Infusions. There are two flavours in the range, Black Tea and Peach, and White Tea, Apple and Elderflower. These are created using hand-picked tea leaves, botanicals and natural fruit juices and use no essences, extracts or artificial flavourings. They are also suitable for vegans and contain no added sugar.

Oscar Woolley, chief leaf at SUKI Tea Makers, said: “At fewer than 60 calories per can, SUKI’s Sparkling Tea Infusions are the ideal healthy alternative to get your fizzy fix, silence your sweet tooth and quench your thirst. The iced teas are perfect for afternoon teas, picnics, festivals or simply hanging out at home on long, sunny days. There’s also the option to get creative with cocktails and add a cheeky bit of zing. The peach tea is perfect as a dark rum mixer, while the elderflower goes rather well with tequila.”

SUKI Tea Makers was established over 15 years ago by Annie Irwin and Oscar Woolley. While in Asia, Oscar experienced the mastery of tea and once back in Ireland, he and Annie travelled the country selling their teas at farmers’ markets, craft fairs and music festivals.

Sourcing and sustainability are of paramount importance to the founders. “Not a single leaf or ingredient comes into our blending and production facility without us having personally selected the garden or scrutinised the source,” Oscar tells us. “Over the years, the more sourcing trips we embarked on, the bigger the opportunities for our business to make a positive impact. Seeing things with our own eyes is so important. Only by doing that can we talk about what we do with integrity and authenticity. We could see a direct line from our decision to purchase from specific gardens to how it can benefit the tea pickers, growers, their families and their wider community. That’s why we advocate buying Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified teas.”

SUKI Tea Makers says it was the first tea company to introduce Triple Certified Tea (Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance) with its award-winning Earl Grey Blue Flower and Darjeeling. Forty per cent of its range carries Fairtrade, Organic or Rainforest Alliance certifications and currently, Fairtrade teas account for over 70 per cent of overall sales. “Through sourcing certified teas like Fairtrade and Organic, we can be confident that our tea producers are operating sustainably, while at the same time improving the lives and working conditions of their staff and their families as well as their local environment and of course, the quality of the tea itself,” explains Anne Irwin, managing director.

The Sparkling Tea Infusions are due to land in retailers across Ireland over the coming months with distributors lined up in Spain, Denmark and Hungary.

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