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Article appeared in issue 6, 2021


Health ingredients (Hi) Europe and Food ingredients (Fi) Europe 2021 takes place in a new online and in-person format running from 22 November to 2 December at Messe Frankfurt. Meet an exciting and innovative selection of Irish exporters on the Bord Bia (the Irish Food Board) stands, located in hall 3.1: 31L140 and 31L42.


Atlantia Food Clinical Trials

Atlantia Food Clinical Trials is a world-class company, delivering clinical studies. It performs acute, observational and intervention studies to ICH (The International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use) GCP (Good Clinical Practice) standards for functional foods and beverages, supplements, pre- and probiotics, medical foods, infant formula and microbiome-based therapeutics.

Following its spin-out from the world-renowned APC Microbiome Institute, it has developed a unique business model that combines very strong ties with the academic community, but it operates as an independent contract research organisation where the intellectual property belongs to the sponsor. It provides end-to-end clinical trial solutions, from design-to-health claims and has capabilities to manage all the aspects of clients’ trials. Some of its clinical expertise areas include healthy ageing, gastrointestinal, physical activity and sports, nutritional, stress and cognitive, cardiovascular, metabolic, bone and joints, immune, women, skin and microbiome health.


Bio-marine Ingredients Ireland 

Bio-marine Ingredients Ireland (BII) is a marine biotech company located in Co. Monaghan, just one hour from Dublin Airport. BII is a joint venture between Irish fishing vessel owners and Norwegian partners who are experts in marine ingredients. BII produces high-quality marine ingredients, utilising the vast quantities of blue whiting located proximate to the Irish coast. The combination of an integrated supply chain and state-of-the-art production facilities enables BII to supply marine protein hydrolysates, lipids and calcium to the international marketplace. BII is an Origin Green verified member.


Connemara Organic Seaweed Company 

For generations, the Lee family has been hand-harvesting kelp and seaweed off the Connemara coast, in the west of Ireland. The company’s mission is to provide sustainable kelp and seaweed products for human consumption through health supplements and edible products. These alternative food sources are healthy, nutritional, tasty and good for the environment. Having a positive impact on the local community and environment is at the core of Connemara Organic Seaweed Company. The company believes it is important to acknowledge the importance of seaweeds for marine life and it approaches conservation and sustainable use in an equitable way. Most, if not all, seaweeds currently for sale have travelled thousands of kilometres to reach supermarkets and food shops. According to the company, the only authentic sea moss is Irish moss or Chondrus Crispus. In recent months, Carageen Moss and Irish sea moss have soared in popularity due to their renowned properties to aid sore throats, colds, flu and chest infections. By providing food from Irish waters, the Connemara Organic Seaweed Company hopes to contribute to a low-carbon economy that takes care of the environment.


Dairygold Food Ingredients 

Dairygold Food Ingredients, a division of Dairygold Co-Operative Society, is located in the south of Ireland. Its award-winning milk powders and cheese products, marketed under the Glenor brand, are manufactured from milk wholly sourced from its own milk-supplier shareholders located across the region, and utilising predominantly grass-fed milk production systems. Dairygold’s vision is to be a leading global, farmer-owned co-operative, supplying industry-leading nutritional products from its manufacturing facilities, including the recently expanded Nutritionals Campus in Mallow, Co. Cork. With a commitment to sustainable growth, both on farm and across our facilities, Dairygold’s strategy will see ongoing investment to support the increased global demand for dairy nutritional products.


Glanbia Ireland 

Glanbia Ireland is an ingredient solutions partner to some of the world’s leading companies and brands. At the forefront of ingredient technology, it offers a range of solutions to match the ever-changing demands of the food and nutrition industry and its consumers.


With quality dairy and grains sourced from 5,000 Irish family farms, combined with advanced market research and insights, its unique platform offers fully traceable and sustainably produced natural solutions to help its customers stay ahead of the curve.


Kerry Group 

Kerry is the world’s leading taste and nutrition partner for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets.
It innovates with its customers to create great-tasting products, with improved nutrition and functionality, while ensuring better impact for the planet. Its leading consumer insights, global RD&A team of 1,100+ food scientists and extensive global footprint enable Kerry to solve its customers complex challenges with differentiated solutions.


Kerry is driven to be its customers’ most valued partner, creating a world of sustainable nutrition and will reach over 2 billion consumers with sustainable nutrition solutions by 2030.


Key Ingredients 

Key Ingredients was established in 2013 and is based on the outskirts of Limerick City. The company supplies top quality ingredients with a service that exceeds customer expectations. The Key Ingredients team of professionals, each with over 20 years’ experience in the food ingredient business, can provide customers with a competent and professional solution for their ingredient requirements. The company can develop specific blends or recipes, or original recipes can be improved or reworked to suit customer requirements. Innovations such as clean declarations, gluten-free, plant-based, or improved flavour are the drivers for new and improved recipes. The company supplies Ripon Rusk, crumb and batters to complement the food processing industry. Key Ingredients is a BRCGS issue 8 double A grade accredited, FDA approved and Origin Green-certified company that is committed to reducing its packaging and decreasing its carbon footprint.


Marigot Ltd 

Established in 1992, Marigot Ltd is a provider of bioactive marine ingredients. Its range of marine-derived minerals includes Aquamin and Aquamin Mg. Aquamin is derived from one unique raw material, the red algae Lithothamnion species. According to Marigot, Aquamin is an all-natural, allergen-free material, which includes calcium, magnesium and 72 trace minerals, and can be easily used in food, drinks, and dietary supplements where it is proven to positively impact bone, joint and digestive health. Marigot has researched the material extensively through independent clinical trials, which are published in international peer-reviewed journals. Aquamin Mg is an excellent source of magnesium, which is derived from the clean ocean waters around the Irish coast. The company has several manufacturing facilities, with a growing international network of exclusive distribution partners serving the needs of local markets. Marigot ensures that the sustainability of its raw materials is at the forefront of its activities, harvesting only mature forms, calcified seaweed, and leaving ‘live’, young seaweed untouched. Consumer interest in the product continues to grow, widening the knowledge base for marine minerals in nutritional applications. The company has developed its own consumer product offering, marketed as Osean 74. Atura Proteins is part of the Marigot group. It is a new and innovative manufacturer of a range of naturally produced pulse proteins and flours. The Atura Proteins offering is based on a strong foundation of technical competency in manufacturing, food application expertise and market led insights. Atura Proteins produces chickpea, fava bean and red lentil proteins at its UK-based manufacturing facility. Atura Proteins is part of Marigot, a group primarily focused on producing naturally derived products and ingredients for the international food, nutrition, and agri-business sectors.



MBio creates ingredients that it describes as powerful, natural superfood ingredients that help people live healthier lives. It utilises ground-breaking science to develop a range of ‘revolutionary’ ingredients from a single natural source – mushrooms. MBio creates functional food ingredients from mushroom powders for a wide range of sectors including beverages; cereals; meat-free; bakery; dairy; and nutraceuticals. MBio says its ingredient range delivers high levels of proteins, vitamins, and minerals with a wide range of functional and health-boosting properties. These ingredients can be consumed easily in a variety of formats. They require low inclusion rates and offer a clean label solution.

Whole mushroom powder: this is a single source of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Together with these nutrients, MBio says its whole mushroom powder offers functionality and flavour enhancement.

Vitamin D powder: MBio describes this as a potent ingredient with an extra boost of vitamin D, which is a natural way to counter dietary deficiencies. MBio products are vegan.

Vitamin B12 mushroom powder: Mushrooms are one of the few vegan sources of vitamin B12. The company says it has harnessed this property and developed a natural way to boost its concentration. Its vitamin B12 Powder is a totally clean label, vegan source of B12. It requires very low inclusion rates in order for a product to make a ‘high in’ claim so it is also cost effective.


Tipperary Co-operative 

Tipperary Co-operative is a world-class innovative dairy ingredient manufacturer that produces premium milk protein powders, butter, Emmental cheese and whey, as well as specialised fortified dairy and plant-based nutritional and medical supplements. In 2020, Tipperary Co-operative invested in a state-of-the-art product formulation, milk evaporation and spray drying facility, making the site one of the most modern dairy ingredient facilities in Europe. By employing the efficient processing technologies and working closely with farmers and customers, Tipperary Co-operative is at the heart of long-term sustainable food industry. The co-operative’s farmers have also invested extensively in creating long-term sustainability on their farms and Tipperary Co-operative supports them to continuously improve milk production methods and sustainability. Support programmes from the research farm owned by Tipperary Co-operative shareholders in conjunction with Teagasc, Ireland’s national advisory body, are fundamental to the future sustainability of our supply base. With its new formulation facility, Tipperary’s research and development team, in co-operation with its customers, is focused on the development of healthy, natural, clean-labelled products that exceed expectations and improve the health and wellbeing of all consumers. Tipperary Co-operative lives a four-pillar approach that drives this innovation. These pillars include:

1)    Gut and metabolic health

2)    Immunity and wellbeing

3)    Bone and muscle maintenance / development

4)    Cognitive support / development.  

Today, Tipperary is a large manufacturer of high-quality dairy ingredients for the infant formula and food ingredient sector globally. Our products include butter, Emmental cheese, skim milk powder, buttermilk powder, whole milk powder, fat filled milk powder, sweet whey powder and various fortified wet-blended milk powders and milk alternatives.

Tipperary specialises in the production of high heat and high heat, heat stable powders for over 40 years and its products are highly regarded and widely distributed across the Asia and the Middle East.


Viva Actives

Vita Actives is a research-driven global nutritional solution provider for food and nutraceuticals. It manufactures, supplies and distributes an expansive range of fully validated quality ingredients including proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, herbal extracts, sweeteners, flavours and premixes for dietary supplements and functional food markets. Product innovation is the key to the company’s growth strategy, and it specialises in providing a turn-key solution for all applications covering the full cycle of product development and supply chain management including product design, regulatory and documentation support for export markets. Vita Actives has over 20 of its own ingredient brands as registered trademarks with dedicated websites and comprehensive product application support for each of these ingredients. The company prides itself on providing the most suitable and the finest quality micro-nutrient premix solutions including enzyme blends and probiotics blends. Its highly qualified and experienced scientists and technicians thoroughly understand customer needs and strive to provide reliable, customised solutions for use in all kinds of products like juices, bakery goods, meal replacement shakes and infant formula products. Excellent customer services and a dependable supply chain management is key to its success. 

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