Article appeared in issue 1, 2020

The future is golden

Dairygold rebrands its dairy ingredients portfolio for international sales growth

Dairygold Food Ingredients has launched a new brand identity for its business-to-business dairy and nutritional ingredients portfolio. The new brand, Glenor, the Irish for ‘golden valleys’, reflects the nutrient-rich pasture lands, the source of its naturally nourishing and traceable ingredients. 

According to Mark Keller, head of sales and marketing, Dairygold, the Glenor brand will help strengthen awareness of Dairygold’s natural grassfed and sustainable credentials across international markets. “Visually, the design of the Glenor brand will closely mirror Dairygold’s corporate brand providing an important link to Dairygold’s strong reputation internationally as a leading manufacturer of high-quality dairy ingredients. The Glenor brand will be activated across our dairy powders and cheese packaging. These are the same great Dairygold products under the new Glenor brand.

“Glenor reflects Dairygold’s ongoing investment in its international sales and marketing strategy to maximise the opportunity for post-quota sales growth. Dairygold is focused on identifying every opportunity to add value to its suppliers’ milk through the sales and distribution of its pasture-fed ingredients across the globe. We have made significant investments in our business to meet the needs of a growing global population. This includes, our processing plants, our technology and our people, all who have industry expertise, improving health through innovation in food.”



Pastureland is Dairygold’s guarantee to customers that all of the company’s suppliers’ milk is produced from grassfed cows, who graze naturally on lush, green pastures within the golden valleys of Ireland. Dairygold’s guarantee is supported by the uniqueness of Ireland’s location, cows and dairy ingredients.

“There are many noteworthy elements to Dairygold’s superior supply chain, from the uniqueness of our location, the welfare of our cows and the nutrient rich dairy ingredients they produce. Pastureland is our guarantee that our grass fed milk is of the highest quality, is sustainable and natural,” Mark continued. 

“We are a founding member of Bord Bia’s Origin Green and through the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme, our member data shows our cows can graze happily for an average of 250 full-time days on a naturally nourishing diet that is 95 per cent grass and white clover. Pasture-fed cows produce milk of superior quality that has scientifically proven health benefits. Studies have also shown that consumers prefer the taste, texture and appearance of our grass-fed dairy ingredients. These ingredients are used in infant milk formula, milk powders, cheese and confectionary products helping to nourish people all over the world. 

“Our customers demand the highest standards in food traceability, sustainability and milk quality from their dairy ingredients suppliers. Dairygold Food Ingredients is well placed to meet these demands ensuring our preferred supplier status for natural grass fed dairy ingredients.”

Dairygold has been on a journey of investment for over five years since the end of milk quotas in Europe. With the evolution of the dairy industry, technology and the company’s co-operative, Dairygold is concentrating on cultivating and protecting the pasturelands, sustainably feeding oufamilies and communities for centuries. Today, Dairygold is supplying customers with the same naturally-fortified dairy produce sourced from the richest pasturelands in the world. 

“Dairygold is a leading supplier of dairy nutritional powders focused on meeting the changing needs of the adult and specialist markets,” Mark concluded. “Dairygold’s strategy is to work closely with key customers to develop and deliver solutions that meet their specific application requirements. Our product portfolio innovates around the needs of our customers.”