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Ireland on trend at FiE 2023

Innovation is at the heart of Food ingredients Europe (FiE). It is where creators and decision makers meet and marvel over future food trends, exciting drinks developments, and incredible ingredients. It is no surprise, then, that Ireland is represented each year at this prestigious event, showcasing the very best that our innovation nation has to offer. Here, Irishfood profiles the companies that are exhibiting at FiE 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany from November 28-30

ABC Nutritionals

ABC Nutritionals is an Irish-owned and operated SME, specialising in the manufacture of nutritional powder and vitamin products for the sports, functional-nutrition and weight-management market segments. Established in 2006, the early years of the business primarily operated as a contract manufacturer of client-branded products. Following a period of sustained growth, it has broadened its product offering, its customer base, and it has increased production capacity to service clients across Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe. The company now employs 85 staff from its manufacturing base at Shannon, Co. Clare with a turnover in excess of €25m. In 2024, the business will move to a new, state-of-the-art facility, which will enable larger, more efficient, lean and sustainable manufacturing processes. This will position the company for future growth and enhance its reputation in research-and-development fields. It will also provide an opportunity for the implementation of best-in-class manufacturing practices and industry certifications. Since its foundation, the business has developed an award-winning, PHD-level research and new-product-development (NPD) team, garnering a reputation for innovation across its main product segments of sports nutrition, functional supplements, functional meals and weight management. In 2021 the company developed and marketed a sports nutrition range, which initially sold exclusively on Amazon under the PBN brand. ABC Nutritionals has recently developed in-house brands of Activ Health – a range of super supplements – and Fitfork – a range of ready-to-go meals. ABC Nutritionals continues to explore customer and market trends, ingredients research and nutritional research to identify opportunities for future growth and authenticate its reputation for leading-edge NPD.

Visit ABC Nutritionals at stand 4.1D40



Atlantia Clinical Trials 

Atlantia Clinical Trials is a world-class dynamic company providing clinical studies expertise for the food, beverage and supplements sector. The company consistently delivers clinical results to its many clients around the world, on time and on budget. It strives to offer the highest quality science while maintaining a cost-conscious approach to maximise the value proposition for each of its clients. The company’s state-of-the-art clinic sites in Ireland and the US ensure it can offer multi-centre multinational studies of all design types, across a broad and diverse array of health areas and product portfolios. Its highly qualified and dedicated team help its customers to manage all aspects of their clinical project and guide them through the entire process, while keeping them fully informed of progress. The company owns and operates its clinics, so the ICH-GCP certified team is on hand to ensure customer data is of the very highest quality and integrity and in strict accordance with the protocol. Some of the company’s extensive clinical areas are healthy ageing, gastrointestinal function and disorder, physical activity and sports performance, nutritional investigations, stress and cognitive health and decline, cardiovascular health, metabolic syndrome, bone and joint health, immune function and microbiome dysbiosis of the gut, skin, vagina and oral cavity.  

Visit Atlantia Clinical Trials at stand 3.0B160

Bord Bia (Irish Food Board)

Bord Bia is the Irish government agency that manages the promotion, trade development and marketing of the Irish food, drink, and horticulture industries. Origin Green, its sustainability development programme, focusses its priorities on building Ireland's reputation as a world leader in safe, sustainable agriculture and food production, while enhancing competitiveness by supporting innovation and building export capabilities. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Bord Bia supports the national and international ambitions of Irish food, drink and horticulture businesses through its highly focussed organisational structure and its network of offices Asia, EMEA and the US.

Visit Bord Bia at stand stand 4.1D40



Carbery is a leading global manufacturer of nutritional dairy ingredients as well as flavours and cheeses. Carbery’s nutrition business provides a comprehensive range of advanced whey proteins for the infant, sport, clinical nutrition, and mainstream food and beverage markets. The company’s market-leading Optipep whey protein hydrolysate range delivers scientifically supported health and performance benefits and is suitable in a wide variety of applications from bars, snacks, ready-to-drink (RTD) and powdered beverages. 

Informed by their expertise in infant and performance nutrition, Carbery has developed new heat-stable Optipep ready-to-drink (RTD) whey protein ingredients for the clinical nutrition market. One of the key benefits of Optipep RTD is its excellent heat stability, delivering great-tasting whey protein that can withstand UHT treatment and a 12-month shelf life in pack. Optipep RTD 9026 can deliver up to 15 per cent protein in neutral pH oral nutrition supplements (ONS) to support the nutritional requirements of different patient cohorts. The Optipep RTD range is rapidly absorbed and easily digested, made with milk from grass fed cows and suitable for vegetarians.

Visit Carbery at stand stand 4.1D40



Dairygold Food Ingredients

Dairygold Food Ingredients, a division of Dairygold Co-Operative Society, is located in the south of Ireland. Its award-winning milk powders and cheese products, marketed under the Glenor brand, are manufactured from milk wholly sourced from its own milk-supplier shareholders located across the region, and utilising predominantly grass-fed milk-production systems. Dairygold’s vision is to be a leading global, farmer-owned co-operative, supplying industry-leading nutritional products from its manufacturing facilities, including the recently expanded Nutritionals Campus in Mallow, Co. Cork. With a commitment to sustainable growth, both on farm and across our facilities, Dairygold’s strategy will see ongoing investment to support the increased global demand for dairy nutritional products. 

Visit Dairygold Food Ingredients at stand 4.1D40



Glanbia Nutritionals

As a business-to-business (B2B) better nutrition company, Glanbia Nutritionals offers innovative ingredient and service-based solutions to help customers build better foods, beverages, and supplements. With its portfolio of nutritional and functional ingredients, research-and-development and application expertise, and global footprint of state-of-the-art processing facilities, the company can help address any product or nutritional challenge.

Visit Glanbia Nutritionals
at stand 3.1J141


GoBia Ltd

GoBia is an expert in the manufacturing of novel cheese and dairy concentrates in paste and powder formats. These concentrates are 100 per cent natural. GoBia also offers a range of foodservice products for the catering industry. Its sister company, Flaverco Ltd, specialises in the manufacture of a wide range of liquid and powder flavours and has been supplying these flavours globally for more than 40 years. GoBia markets and manufactures Flaverco flavours in Ireland. Both Flaverco and GoBia operate out of a state-of-the-art BRC grade AA manufacturing facility in Europe. GoBia Ltd has a highly qualified team of food scientists and researchers developing innovative ingredients to meet the current and future demands of food and dairy industry. It can create customised products with specific textural, flavour and functional properties to meet the exact requirement of the end user.

Visit GoBia at stand 4.1D40


Lakeland Dairies

Lakeland Dairies sources fresh Irish milk every day from its 3,200 farm families, then transforms it into a range of nutritious food ingredients for leading food brands across the globe. A wide range of milk powders, proteins and dairy fats including skim-milk powder, fat-filled milk powder, full-cream milk powder, cream powder, acid casein and butter are provided to its customers in more than 100 global markets across Africa, Asia, Europe and North and South America. Lakeland Dairies is headquartered in Cavan, Ireland, and processes in excess of two billion litres of milk. The company partners with milk supplying family farms to put sustainability first, looking after the welfare of their animals, protecting the biodiversity of their farms and providing a market and income for their milk. Water usage, energy usage and waste management on farms are carefully monitored. Lakeland Dairies Food Ingredients has been producing premium quality food ingredients for over 120 years using pure, fresh Irish milk. From bakery and confectionery to sports and lifestyle, its premium-quality Irish dairy ingredients can be applied across a broad spectrum of sectors. While it offers a wide range of versatile ingredients, sometimes off-the-shelf simply won’t cut it. Lakeland Dairies offers customers full access to its people and facilities. The Lakeland Dairies food ingredients team is committed to constant innovation and will work in partnership with global customers to create your unique recipes and develop bespoke solutions.

Visit Lakeland Dairies at stand 4.1D40

Marigot Ltd

Established in 1992, Marigot Ltd is a provider of bioactive marine ingredients. Its range of marine-derived minerals includes Aquamin and Aquamin Mg. Aquamin is derived from one unique raw material, the red algae Lithothamnion species. According to Marigot, Aquamin is an all-natural, allergen-free material, which includes calcium, magnesium and 72 trace minerals, and can be easily used in food, drinks, and dietary supplements where it is proven to positively impact bone, joint and digestive health. Marigot has researched the material extensively through independent clinical trials, which are published in international peer-reviewed journals. Aquamin Mg is an excellent source of magnesium, which is derived from the clean ocean waters around the Irish coast. The company has several manufacturing facilities, with a growing international network of exclusive distribution partners serving the needs of local markets. Marigot ensures that the sustainability of its raw materials is at the forefront of its activities, harvesting only mature forms, calcified seaweed, and leaving ‘live’, young seaweed untouched. Consumer interest in the product continues to grow, widening the knowledge base for marine minerals in nutritional applications. The company has developed its own consumer product offering, marketed as Osean 74. Atura Proteins is part of the Marigot group. It is a new and innovative manufacturer of a range of naturally produced pulse proteins and flours. The Atura Proteins offering is based on a strong foundation of technical competency in manufacturing, food application/expertise and market led insights. Atura Proteins produces chickpea, fava bean and red lentil proteins at its UK-based manufacturing facility. Atura Proteins is part of Marigot, a group primarily focused on producing naturally derived products and ingredients for the international food, nutrition, and agri-business sectors. 

Visit Marigot Ltd at stand 3.0G202



PlantWorks is a biotech company involved in cultivation and trading of medicinal and aromatic plants with over 15 years of expertise. The company is a trusted supplier to several global brands in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical business and is preferred because of the transparency, professionalism and determinism it brings to the supply chain. It also partners with companies in botanical research, supply chain innovation and precision medicine, amalgamating its deep expertise in artificial intelligence and biosciences

Visit PlantWorks at stand 4.0B20




Tirlán is an ingredient-solutions partner to some of the world’s leading companies and brands. At the forefront of ingredient technology, Tirlán offers a range of solutions to match the ever-changing demands of the food and nutrition industry and its consumers. With quality dairy and grains sourced from 5,000 Irish family farms, combined with advanced market research and insights, Tirlán’s unique platform offers fully traceable and sustainably produced natural solutions to help our customers stay ahead of the curve.

Visit Tirlán at stand 3.0A40



Vita Actives

Vita Actives is a leading global provider of research-backed nutritional solutions for the food and nutraceutical sectors. Rooted in robust research and development, a commitment to product purity and validity, and streamlined supply and distribution processes, it consistently delivers cutting-edge ingredients with guaranteed quality and efficient operations to our customers. The company manufactures, supplies, and distributes a broad spectrum of top-tier ingredients, from amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to enzymes, probiotics, herbal extracts, sweeteners, and more, tailored for dietary supplements and functional foods. Dedicated to innovation, its turn-key solutions cover the entire product lifecycle, from development to supply chain management. This includes unparalleled product design, regulatory guidance, and comprehensive documentation support for export markets. Vita Actives owns over 30 trademarked ingredient brands, each backed by a dedicated website and thorough application guidance.

Visit Vita Actives at stand 3.0H40 

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